Johannes Wachs

I am a PhD Student of János Kertész at Central European University's Center for Network Science. I am also a researcher at the Government Transparency Institute. Here is my CV.

I am a computational social scientist specializing in network methods. My dissertation is on corruption and collusion in public procurement markets. I also study the relationship between social network position on success in legislatures and online communities.

johanneswachs at gmail dot com



Using Big Data for social science research, teaching assistant, CEU Spring 2017
Data Mining, course instructor, AIT Fall 2016
Scientific Python, teaching assistant, CEU Fall 2016, 2017

A bit more about my dissertation topic

The network below visualizes a public procurement market. Dark blue nodes are companies and teal nodes are issuers of contracts like ministries or municipalities. They are connected by an edge if the company won a contract from the issuer. Red edges indicate corruption risk, derived from contract meta-data. I study how network structure and corruption risk are related.