Johannes Wachs

Assistant Professor (non-TT)
Vienna Uni. of Economics and Business
Complexity Science Hub Vienna

About Me

I am an assistant professor (non-TT) at the Institute for Information Business of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien). I am also affiliated with the Complexity Science Hub. My research examines social, technical, and economic networks and their effects on society.

Previously I was a postdoc of Markus Strohmaier at the Chair for Computational Social Sciences and Humanities at RWTH Aachen. My dissertation, supervised by János Kertész at Central European University, was on the application of network methods to the study of corruption. During my PhD I was a visitor at the Oxford Internet Institute, the Hertie School of Governance, and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.


October 2020: Our team won the IMF Anti-Corruption Challenge!
October 2020: New preprint on user development on Stack Overflow.
August 2020: Janos Kertesz and I wrote a comment for Nature Reviews Physics on applying network science to the study of economic crimes like corruption: [Link].


Complexity science approach to economic crime [Link]

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Corruption and the Network Structure of Public Contracting Markets across Government Change [Link]

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Corruption risk in contracting markets: a network science perspective. [Link]

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Gender Differences in Participation and Reward on Stack Overflow. [Link]

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Social capital predicts corruption risk in towns. [Link]

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The Role of Novelty in Securing Investors for Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns. [Link]

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And Now for Something Completely Different: Visual Novelty in an Online Network of Designers. [Link]

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Why Do Men Get More Attention? Exploring Factors Behind Success in an Online Design Community. [Link]

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From Asking to Answering: Getting More Involved on Stack Overflow. [Link]

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How Gamification Affects Software Developers: Cautionary Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment on GitHub. [Link]

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No country for asylum seekers? How short-term exposure to refugees influences attitudes and voting behavior in Hungary. [Link]

Theresa Gessler, Gergő Tóth, Johannes Wachs
SocArxiv, DOI: 10.31235/, 2019.


Applied Data Science: Computational Social Science, Vienna University of Economics and Business Winter Semester 2020-21
Research Praktikum, RWTH Aachen Winter Semester 2019-20
Social Data Science, course instructor, RWTH Aachen Winter Semester 2019-20
Social Networks, course instructor, RWTH Aachen Summer Semester 2019
Using Big Data for social science research, teaching assistant, CEU Spring 2017
Data Mining, course instructor, AIT Fall 2016
Scientific Python, teaching assistant, CEU Fall 2016, 2017

Selected Student Theses:
--- Lukas Moldon, Sending signals in open source: Evidence from a natural experiment. Bachelor's Thesis, RWTH Aachen, 2020. [PDF]
--- Timur Bachschi, From Asking to Answering: Social and Structural Aspects of Contributing to Stack Overflow. Bachelor's Thesis, RWTH Aachen, 2020. [PDF]


PhD Network Science, summa cum laude, Central European University (2019)
MS Applied Mathematics with distinction, Central European University (2012)
BS Mathematics, BS Economics, cum laude, Tulane University (2009)


johanneswachs at gmail dot com